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Eagle Bay Hardwood Flooring is exclusively produced in upstate New York by Delta Hardwood Flooring, Inc., a family-owned business. Randy Bowers, the firm’s owner for over a decade, has 30+ years experience within the hardwood industry, specifically in the areas of brokering quality hardwood from around the world and also, in wood flooring manufacturing

Bowers built his state-of-the-art flooring mill in Boonville, New York in 2011. Under the Delta name, the firm has been successfully manufacturing OEM products for large brands such as Lumber Liquidators and Shaw.

There was significant expansion at Delta in 2015, which included adding an oil-finish line as well as an overall major increase in capacity and quality control. Several strategic partnerships with access to not only North American wood species, but also, exotic species from around the world have been established.

Delta/Eagle Bay has the total capability to do custom milling for special projects. In 2016, Bowers’ company became the first hardwood flooring licensee for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, producing a high-end line of North American species under the FLW brand.

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The case for using sustainable American hardwoods in design

Criswell Davis, Architectural Marketing Manager, Frank Miller Lumber, Union City, Indiana

In the world of Green Building, using sustainable building materials is the goal. The case for American hardwoods is simple. The United States possesses less than one tenth of the world’s hardwood resource and satisfies more than 25% of the world’s appetite for hardwood in furniture, flooring and joinery. At the same time, there is more than twice the amount of hardwood growing in the United States as there was more than 50 years ago and for every tree harvested more than 2.4 trees take its place through natural regeneration.

Our forebears came to America and cut down the trees with little regard for sustainability. They used the timber harvest for everything: housing, transportation, tools, fuel and clearing farmland. During a collective moment of clarity over two centuries ago, they decided to truly manage the resource with the future in mind. It is the practice of the American hardwood industry to harvest mature trees as part of a selection harvesting practice. This opens the forest canopy, allowing sunlight and rain to reach the forest floor, encouraging new trees to grow. Trees actively sequester carbon during their peak life. Once they have passed maturity they will decline in health and slowly leach that carbon back into the atmosphere. As responsible stewards of this precious natural resource, we harvest the mature trees, capturing carbon even through the process of logging, sawing into boards and rendering into floors. More than 50% of a flooring plank’s weight is stored carbon and it will remain stored in that flooring for all time.

“Wood products make up 47% of all industrial raw materials manufactured in the U.S., but consume only 4% of the energy required to manufacture those materials.”* In looking at the energy costs of producing other construction materials, it takes 5 times more energy to produce concrete, 14 times more energy to produce glass, 24 times more energy to produce steel and 126 times more energy to produce aluminum. Replacing 1 cubic meter of concrete with 1 cubic meter of wood saves approximately 1 ton of CO2.

There is no question that American hardwoods add beauty to the world and are fully sustainable. As an interior finish material, it is the logical choice for all residential, commercial, religious and institutional applications.

Criswell Davis of Frank Miller Lumber has served on the Board of Directors for the Wood Products Manufacturers Association, the Western Hardwood Association and the Hardwood Federation PAC in Washington D.C. An American Institute of Architects Continuing Education provider and university lecturer, he has given presentations on quartersawn sustainable American hardwoods to architects, designers and students worldwide. He is viewed as an invaluable expert resource regarding American hardwoods in sustainable design.

Frank Miller Lumber is a major source of quartersawn hardwoods for Eagle Bay.

Quarter sawing (also quarter-cut) is a type of cut in the rip-sawing of logs into lumber. The resulting lumber is called quartersawn (quarter-sawn).